de paix intérieure, d'équilibre et d'harmonie
To help people who are above all in search of inner peace, balance and harmony, to propel themselves to the life they have always dreamed of professionally and personally.

Human, wife, mother, immigrant, in Montreal, I am proud to be the first Moroccan woman to open a pharmacy business in Canada. Former owner of 2 pharmacies and business and international commerce consultant, to this day, I always devote my life to helping people transform on all the axes of their lives.


la neuroscience et la méditation
I use neuroscience and meditation to encourage them to go beyond their inhibitions, to transcend and to realize all their projects. To become THE best version of themselves. 🦋

I want to be able to allow people who read me to reach higher level of consciousness, to achieve their dreams, to recognize their skills, to improve them and fully use their potential.
My program includes several public and private conferences as well as training workshops.