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Yes, It’s Possible to be Pragmatic and Spiritual – Episode #006 Claim Your Freedom Podcast

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Welcome to Episode Six of Claim Your Freedom.

I am your host, Aziza Alaoui.

Today, we will discuss spirituality and pragmatic personalities.


It’s possible to be pragmatic and spiritual.

Many of you think that spirituality is religion, and some of you reject religious faith.

So you make sure to avoid any discussion about it or around it.

Let me clarify where spirituality differs from religion.

Spirituality has no rules or dogma.

It’s about love.

It has helps you discover the truth and create unity.

You feel empowered to look for the truth, your own truth.

And you are capable, capable of deepening that self-discovery to know exactly and understand life and how we are created and why.

Religion on the other hand, has pre-established rituals & dogma to tell you the truth according to the book and that creates sometimes separation between different religions.

Religion mentions punishment and creates fear, while spirituality relies on limitless self discovery, where you learn that you get only what you give.

You will notice that religion stems from a deep spirituality.

And if we look at the prophets, for example, they had a deep spiritual journey before they embarked in their own.

I believe that many people can be beautiful souls, great, beautiful souls and religious at the same time.

But the only truth is about oneness.

No separation.

And I believe that spirituality is about oneness.

It unites all of us with no separation.

Everybody is equal.

Everybody is the same.

I also believe and find it true that spirituality is about oneness and love, and that’s what we want for all of us to be one.

I always ask myself, Why do I feel uncomfortable talking about spirituality?

And suddenly I realized that I had this belief that spirituality is religion, and religion has dogma.

So I didn’t want to mention it.

But it’s not true because spirituality is all about love oneness, and it practices unity.

What we understand is that both religion and spirituality are here to try to understand the meaning of life.

The only difference is religion is based on a community on a system of beliefs, while spirituality is coming from within, it’s your personal belief.

So it’s individual.

And then I remembered it’s crucial to remember what gives you joy and peace of mind.

I remembered my father and what he used to tell me all the time.

Be kind and giving.

Remember that there is always someone there who needs your help.

Remember, you can be a solution to somebody’s problem.

Be present. Listen.

Connect to others and to your inner self.

Use your gifts.

Give as much as you can be good to people and don’t forget it’s by giving that you feel the joy, not by receiving.

It’s only in giving that you can be happy because you are connected to God, the source, whatever you call it for me, it’s


You are connected and you are present.

You are in the moment.

Use these gifts.

And he also talked about energy and inner peace.

Yes, of course.

He taught me the ritual of my religion.

He showed me how to perform them.

But the most important thing is

he showed me how to be with others, how to create lasting relationships.

He was actually teaching me the most important thing, connection and freedom.

But I believed that it’s all religion.

And I was into that rejection of dogma that I forgot.

It’s all about how you feel within it’s all about your spiritual awakening.

And because I grew up more pragmatic dealing with solutions and realistic thinking, I was sensible, grounded and practical.

I was concerned with the matter of facts, not with abstract concepts.

So I thought then that spirituality is too vague and theoretical for me.

And I chose to concentrate on my ambition and become the leader.

The pragmatic leader.

I still am until now.

So what happened to my spiritual life?

Would you ask?

I put it on hold. I focused completely on my project.

I opened my business.

And to be honest, that was the period where I struggled the most.

I felt that emptiness.

I felt that something was missing.

I was lost.

Completely lost.

So what happened to my spiritual life?

Would you ask?

I put it on hold.

I focused on my projects.

I opened my business.

And to be honest with you, that was was the period where I struggled the most, feeling the emptiness and realizing that something was missing.

Although I was making money and I was successful, I wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t free and I wasn’t fulfilled.

So I decided to pause.

I didn’t feel happy and fulfilled.

I lost my freedom.

Instead of gaining more.

I didn’t have time for what mattered the most.

My family, my friends, myself.

No time for self-care.

I was in fear all the time, anxious about the future and dwelling in the past all the time.

But I was never, ever living the present moment.

So I paused again and this time eyes wide open, mostly, or specially my third eye, my internal Compass.

And I remembered my father again how spiritual and wise he was and all the teachings that I learned from him, and that I put aside.

My question to myself was why success doesn’t give me satisfaction, happiness, freedom.

Why is it that I feel trapped chained in a prison?

Well, the answer came back rushing to my mind.

Aziza, you’re not on the right path.

You lost your Compass.

You have to get back and look for north.

You are not born to do this.

You are not meant to live like this.

You weren’t raised to bear with these chains.

You need to unchain yourself.

Spirituality is the connection to your deeper self, your soul, this part of you that you can’t see, you can’t touch or taste, but that you can listen to and feel from inside.

This is your real you.

My decision was made.

I started a journey of self-development self-recognition, learning, growing.

And this journey of personal development brought me here to share with you my story and to tell you that spirituality is not a religion, that yes, you can be pragmatic and spiritual at the same time, because spirituality brings you and connects you to your higher self, your inner guidance to who you really are.

Spirituality is about energy and feelings, and when you add power and texture to your pragmatic personality, you transcend to higher consciousness.

You raise your awareness. Stay in the present moment and you start creating life on your own terms.

As a result, you attain a calm and peaceful state of being. You connect to your inner self, and you let the outside world behind.

And there you find your path.

You create soul-aligned success, doing and being what will sustain that state of mind.

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