On the topic of empathy

Are you an empath? Or do you want to become one?

Empathy is an intuitive ability to perceive what the other feels and to put oneself in his/her place. It allows you to feel emotions, feelings, experiences and to identify with others. Empathy requires an effort of intellectual understanding of the other:
– A cognitive understanding of ideas and beliefs;
– Emotional sharing of feelings.

Empathy is a self-aware knowledge. It differs from sympathy, which is rather a way of meeting others for the well-being of the other. 

Empathy is a skill that allows one to listen without intervention and connect with others in the detachment of the present moment.

So how do you become an empath?

In order to master the technique and acquire the posture of empathy, one needs to learn to listen carefully, to be present and to keep an emotional and rescuer’s distance.

During my years as a pharmacist, I learned the hard way that I couldn’t live with my clients’ problems or I would quickly destroy myself. The solution was to detach myself to protect my health but and use my energy to be present and listen better. In this workshop, I share my experience with you to teach you how to master the technique of empathy in your personal and professional relationships.

Aziza Alaoui
Transformational coaching

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