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You are an entrepreneur, you make money, you create jobs, you want to grow your business. Or, maybe, you are an employee, you want to grow within the company and work in an atmosphere that encourages your productivity.

How can you maximize productivity within a company?

To promote well-being at work, companies, depending on their size, imagine that to create a peaceful atmosphere, it is necessary to set up meditation rooms, increase yoga sessions, or sports sessions, and even have changing rooms and showers. 

There are some who multiply the coaching sessions that deal with time management, teamwork, stress management, priority management, and we add to that healthy snacks (such as soft bars, alkaline water, healthy juices or organic coffee), and in addition we call on massage therapists who come with their chairs, or we organize happy hours to boost our teams. All of this does not even solve 15% of the productivity problem. That is the observation.

Now, since we have the same problems, because we share the same realities, we must learn to take into account the problems we can solve (there are children, doctor’s appointments, school days, and personal, family, financial problems, etc.). Try to find solutions to the common vulnerability of all employees by understanding their needs. Instead of setting up a meditation room, you can teach them how to meditate at home and use the space available to welcome their children when they have no solutions to have them cared for! You have to be aware that listening means solving 90% of the problem.

The idea is to create a human environment, and to share more than just work tasks. Creating a team means creating a close-knit family. The quality of the relationship we maintain with our employees and/or collaborators is essential. 

It is therefore necessary to take into account the daily reality of its employees and it is with this in mind that my workshop on “How to maximize productivity in companies? ”is necessary.

Aziza Alaoui
Transformational coaching

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