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Change is a transition from one state to another. It’s the action of changing. We move to a different state. It implies a movement toward what we want to become, and a movement away from a present condition or what we are now. It is the transformation of what changes. Change can occur in various areas and at different levels.

There is a positive change that leads to evolution, transformation and even to a deep and lasting metamorphosis. For example, someone who reacts badly to criticism and one day decides to let go and no longer take these attacks personal. This person improves his or her life and changes for better and no longer feels victim of others. The reality of this person shifts from reacting to the critics to completely detaching from them. They simply belong to those who have spoken them.

On the other hand, a negative change leads to a regression in someone’s life or behavior. The transformation takes the person away from her values and mission. For example, a woman who is gentle, sensitive and loving, who is victim of domestic violence, may crave revenge against all men, and acts upon it once released from her ordeal. Pain and abuse can change someone for the worse.

Other changes seem negative, because they create detours and obstacles, but only to show us the way and allow us to become more aware of our purpose and mission in life. This kind of learning  is rather beneficial and necessary in our life journey.

We all need to learn, take the time to question ourselves deeply to understand who we are and where we are going, in order to find a meaning to one’s life. Each life experience is a step to a greater change. Do not be afraid of change, open your heart and accept what the universe offers you. Change opens the door to personal and professional development. It is an essential and unavoidable path to transformation. 

Aziza Alaoui
Transformational Coaching

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