About dreams

Dreams are  magical. They  occur in the mind during our sleep and appear like images, even sounds,  ideas, emotions and sensations. They are involuntary stories created by the brain. Sometimes, it is a little voice that whispers answers and suggests decisions. Dreams are captivating and enchanting.

They are a reflection of our deepest conflicts, our anxieties, our fears but even our desires. They allow a psychological rest during our sleep for the night.

Almost every person dreams but yet doesn’t remember the details in general, once awake. Some experts can help find meanings to our dreams and clarify certain behaviors and traumas.

We love telling our dreams. We all have tried to remember the little details and bring up the images and sounds that we believe can reveal the unknown. How many times did I wake-up with the sensation that a miracle happened during my sleep and that a message is delivered to me to show me the path?

Dreams reveal our secrets and truths.

But what about our day dreams, the ones called desires? the ones that shape our lives and destinies? 

I always had a dream about me moving to the Americas, to become a pharmacist and to serve humanity. Well I realized my dream. this a reason for me to show up and try to help guide you on how to achieve yours. Dreams are vital. We fix objectives and we create goals so we can accomplish our dreams. Because our dream is to succeed and become the best version of ourselves, to be happy and fulfilled. Dreams are essential to our survival. We can’t avoid them, we can only pursue them.

A life without dreams is a life without purpose. And without  purpose, we are lost and vulnerable. Our life depends on the dreams we nurture.

Aziza Alaoui
Transformational coaching

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