Feeling stuck

What is a blockage? And what are the consequences? How to recognize that you are not moving forward? What’s holding us back? What paralyzes us? What prevents us from moving forward? Multiple and varied causes contribute to it and prevent us from evolving in our path of life. In my coaching sessions, I meet people who suffer a lot from certain blockages, such as the inability to speak in front of people.

Fear paralyzes them even if they have all the will of the world to do it. Other people very competent in their work who never dare ask for a salary increase, let alone a promotion. I can name more. So, what causes the blockage? The blockage arises from several internal and / or external factors. I will list three and not the least: lack of confidence limiting beliefs immediate surroundings and the environment.

Lack of self-confidence is linked to fear and prevents us from acting. It causes negative and devaluing thoughts that invade us and create a barrier to accomplishing our goals. Example: skilled and competent employees who will keep the same position at the same pay for years, in a company not to face their boss or for fear of looking elsewhere.

The limiting beliefs that are our negative thoughts and that come from our life experiences, become beliefs that prevent us from acting and dictate all our actions. We stay locked in there. Example: ” I’m bad ” ‘I can not succeed’ ” ‘it’s too hard and impossible’ ” ‘I’m out of luck’ ” ‘I’m not worth anything’ ” ‘nobody do not like me ” etc …

The immediate entourage causes pressure, delays us in our projects and creates tensions and frustrations that eventually block us completely. The dreams or habits of our parents become our dreams and habits of life. Example: A young man who aspires to become a musician can not convince his family of doctors that he can not follow the tradition and become a doctor like them. He will make them happy until he breaks and lets everything fall. It’s a waste of time and energy for nothing finally.

For a free life of blockages we must first know ourselves as well as our dreams. We need to believe in ourselves and in our abilities. We have an interest in developing positive and motivating beliefs that will propel us forward and help us realize our projects. Our environment is important to us but must not influence our lifestyle choices. We must impose our choices and career decisions to live happily and in harmony with everyone.

Aziza Alaoui
Transformational coaching

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