Vision board

Have you ever wondered why you can’t achieve your goals? The answer is a  lack of clarity and focus. 

The Vision Board is a powerful tool that allows you to focus on your goals in order to manifest them and create the life you want.  Vision boards are created for short and medium-term goals, starting from two weeks to few years. For longer periods, we talk about Dream Boards. 

The Vision board illustrates all your dreams and goals. It allows you to visualize yourself living these dreams and experiencing the emotions attached to the feeling. You gain clarity and focus on what you want most and you hold on to it.
For example, if you want to make a trip to Asia within the next 3 months, you illustrate your desire as images or texts in your Vision Chart. You imagine yourself on site. You visualize the places you want to visit, you feel the emotions that come with the pleasure of being in that environment and you repeat that experience as often as you can every time you look at your Vision Board.

You will not ask yourself these questions anymore: 

How can I overcome my distractions and focus on the goals and objectives of my life? How can I fulfill my dreams? 

The Vision Board is the answer. Everything is illustrated before you. And every time you accomplish one of your goals, create a new one, and so on.

Aziza Alaoui
Transformational coach

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