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3 Tips to Calm the Mind – Episode #002 Claim Your Freedom

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Hello friend. 

I just want to share this wisdom with you.

If I had known these three tips, my life would have been completely different in my

previous business. I’m Aziza Alaoui.  I’m a mindset and spiritual coach and I help professionals and entrepreneurs and stuck from all the mind blocks that keep them away from their freedom and fulfillment.

Well, today I want to share with you the three tips to stopping a busy mind.

When your mind is nagging you all the time with this kind of questions, thoughts and you are not taking rest from it, what happens?

You become anxious and you can’t focus on what matters so that busy mind can be stopped.

And here is how: 

First tip is to just take the time to pause.

See you’re running.You’re busy. You’re doing this. You’re at work, you’re at home. You have the kids to go to take to the sport games. You have meetings, you have to go for the groceries. You have to do this and that and it doesn’t stop.

And at the same time your mind is going, oh my God. Non stop in that vicious circle.

Why does this happen? Why this thought, why this thing went like that? It is a complete chaos.

Well, you feel anxious and the more thoughts you have in your mind, the more your mind is busy, the more anxious you become.

When you pause, you tell yourself there is a way to escape from this by sitting still, listening to your body, listening to what you need at that moment by listening to your breath, breathing slowly.

It can take five minutes, two minutes. Sometimes clients tell me, oh, I don’t meditate. I don’t have the time for it. I don’t ask you to meditate for hours. I am just letting you know that by pausing for a few minutes regularly during your day, you stop your mind from making you anxious.

You relax. You enjoy the moment and you can focus on what matters.

 The second tip is be grateful.

Be grateful when you stop when you are pausing. When you are connected to your inner self. When you are aware that the thoughts you have in your mind are coming from things that you don’t like, things that don’t make you happy, don’t uplift you.

You stop and you look at what makes you happy. Sometimes we don’t notice. You just are not aware of how lucky you are. You are lucky because you have so much. You have a roof over your head. You can eat whenever you want. You have money to travel. You have a car to bring your kids to school, to go to work. You have what you need.  Be grateful for it and the more grateful you are for what makes you happy. The more we come, you just call for it.

When you become grateful, even for five minutes a day, you realize how that state of gratitude is important to you and you want more of it until it becomes your normal state of being.


Be grateful.

 So what is the third tip?

The third tip is, let go.

You want it to happen? Let go of it. And let go of what? The past, the outside world, anything that brings you thoughts, stop thinking. Just get rid of it. Let go of it.

You don’t need to remember what happened even five minutes ago, because what you want is to be present, to be here now. And when you do that, you are focused.

You are conscious of what you can do or what you can accomplish in that moment.You are not stuck in that loop of emotion. Thinking. Thought. Emotion.

Emotion brings the thought. The thought brings the bad experience brings more of that emotion. You free yourself to be in what is happening now and then you unlock your creativity. Your intuition rises. Gives you messages on how you should deal with the situation.

At the moment, you calm your mind and in calmness, you can get things done.

You can go forward.You can take the good decisions. But when your mind is busy and you have questions and thoughts, nagging you all the time.

What if you did this this way? What if that happened that way? What if you didn’t answer that way? What if what if? What’s done is done? 

Forget about it. It’s only emotions that were created at that moment and that you are still bringing in your present.

Let go of them. So how to stop your mind from being so busy with thoughts that don’t give you anything you need that don’t serve you at all. That makes you anxious. That easy mind can be stopped by connecting to your inner self.

In doing these three steps, pausing, being grateful and letting go. Become free.

Get the freedom to be who you want . To be that person you are born to be.

Make it happen now.

Don’t wait.

So what are you going to do?

Keep that mind busy or follow the three steps to calm it down and bring up awareness to the surface of what really matters.


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